Acacia Walker-Weinstein is 2018 BC Interruption Coach of the Year Winner

Congratulations to Acacia Walker-Weinstein! She’s featured in HOW TO COACH GIRLS!

Acacia Walker-Weinstein is the 2018 BC Interruption Coach of the Year Winner

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“Walker had led the Eagles to 2 straight NCAA Championship games, and this year helped coach Sam Apuzzo into becoming the first ever Tewaaraton Award winner from BC. This season, she also helped BC to stay undefeated in the regular season, with the team’s only losses coming in the ACC Championship and the NCAA Finals.”

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Review by Gayle H. Swift

How to Coach Girls is a concise and practical guide that outlines an effective way to coach girls written by Allison Foley (head coach of Boston College Women’s Soccer) and Mia Wenjen (volunteer coach and soccer mom.) Decades of experience coupled with expertise gleaned from fifteen professional coaches provide a solid foundation for the strategies they endorse. Coaches from all types of sports can use them to connect with the girls on their teams.

As we all know sports can help teach invaluable lessons about effort, persistence, discipline and, team effort. It can and should also teach girls to be inclusive, considerate and dedicated. Wenjen and Foley warn against an over-emphasis on winning and cite data that supports their assertion that most girls participate in sports to have fun, friendship, and physical activity. (Winning is actually a minor motivator.)They recognize that sport must be fun for participants so that they will stay with it.

Team success can best be measured by the quality of experiences team membership creates and the values it reinforces. How to Coach Girls shares specific techniques for coaches along with the rationale which underpins them. Marketing plans, ideas for making drills fun and, a season-wide overview help coaches set the stage for long-term success. Wenjen and Foley recognize that coaches, parents, and girls must work hand in glove to create a positive athletic experience for girls.

Coaching girls through the lens of relationship and a “growth mindset” are excellent ways to accomplish that. Operating from this approach means coaches can help girls win at life and in their chosen sports. That is a win/win which we can all support.
–Gayle H. Swift, author of ABC, Adoption & Me, Co-founder of GIFT Family Services

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