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Foley Athletic Advising Alison Foley

Alison Foley left Boston College as Head Coach of the Women’s Soccer Team at the end of 2018. She launched her own company, Foley Athletic Advising:

At Foley Athletic Advising, we offer comprehensive on-field training, skill evaluation, and recruiting advising. On the field, we work with student athletes to help them achieve their full athletic potential.  Off the field, we work with student-athletes and their parents to create a stress-free roadmap to take the confusion out of the recruiting process and help get into their dream schools.

Foley Athletic Advising offers these services:

·      Individual Athletic Advising

·      Individual & Small Group Soccer Training

·      Assessment

·      Soccer Boot Camp for Teams

·     New England Top 100 College Showcase


Thank you to Sean Kenny, a US National Soccer Team Scout, for his kind words about Alison Foley of Foley Athletic Advising and co-author of HOW TO COACH GIRLS.


Where: Boston, MA

When: June 8th and June 9th, 2019

Time: 9am – 6pm

The New England Top 100 College Showcase is an invitation-only event for girls who want to play soccer at the next level. It is an excellent way for players to get exposure without having to endure the expense and travel of other showcase events as we will bring college coaches to Boston.

Our showcase has commitments from top college women’s soccer coaches around the country in all divisions including UCLA, Georgetown University, Cornell University, Barry University, University of Bridgeport, Iona College, Fairfield University, Providence College, Southern Connecticut State University, Brown University, Albany University, Princeton University, and more, as well as scouts for the U.S. Women’s National Team. We will be updating our list of colleges weekly.

This is an opportunity for up to 100 female soccer players to participate by being nominated by their club and high school coaches.

Here is the form for High School and Club coaches to nominate players.

Players who are not nominated can attend Assessment sessions to earn a place at the showcase.

Alison Foley Contributes Quote to HerLife Magazine

Alison Foley Contributes Quote to HerLife Magazine

Thank you to Catie Watson for letting Alison Foley contribute to your article on Qualities to Look For in a Children’s Sports Coach” for HERLIFE magazine. Here’s my quote:

I believe that  Coaches represent one of the most powerful positions in our kids’ lives.  Over time with good training, they can improve athletic skill and physical development which is very important.   However, instantaneously with words, they can impact players minds.  They can build up confidence or break it down.  They can elevate self-worth or leave kids to question themselves.  They can empower young athletes to believe in their dreams or strip these aspirations away.   Very few athletes will play in college or go on to a professional level.   Developing the physical skill set should be a secondary priority when choosing a coach.   Finding a coach that will encourage, speak with motivating words and be kind when needing to be critical is the number one criteria in coach selection for young athletes.

Alison Foley Contributes Quote to HerLife Magazine

Win HOW TO COACH GIRLS book and swag!

Win How To Coach Girls book and swag

We are giving away How to Coach Girls book and swag pack!

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Win How To Coach Girls book and swag

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How to Coach Girls is available at Amazon, Barnes & Nobles, and Audrey Press.

If anyone wishes to buy books for their town team or club team, Audrey Press offers volume discounts.

Recent reviews include:

Frank J. Kelly:

Great little book – just nails it in terms of content – no fluff. If you are a coach of Girls you should read this and if you are a male coach of girls read this twice. It teaches quickly what it took me several seasons to learn on my coaching journey – first as parent, then team parent, then assistant coach and now coach of a Girls U12 recreation soccer team.

Key lessons
– Girls will compete after they bond – and so you need to give them opportunities to bond e.g. early in practice or make a water break take a little longer
– Break up any cliques that form
– Keep it fun
– Lots of positive reinforcement but make it genuine
– You have to build trust and safety – they won’t try or take risks if the feeling is that failure means punishment. You need to create “emotional safety”.

Lots of fun ideas e.g.
– Coaches’ forfeit
– Cupcakes for birthdays
– The “How to be a better teammate” game.

This is a quick read but should be handed out to every Girls’ team coach Day 1.

More reviews from Amazon:

I’m pretty sure I’m holding the new bible for coaching girls’ sports. I love this book because it’s as if the authors are inside the heads of the girls, revealing insights as to what will be most supportive for them as athletes and as human beings. I wish I could’ve had an extra copy or two of this resource on hand over the past several years as I watched my daughters grapple with issues on the soccer field. Would’ve saved a lot of heartache on the sidelines. I particularly liked the frameworks for how best to manage team dynamics, increase internal motivation, and tips for getting back on track when things become unsteady. I also loved the chapters on dealing with cliques as well as body image issues, some timely and relevant. Glad I found this book–great practical suggestions.

As a professional music teacher and mother of both a boy and a girl, I highly recommend this book. Many aspects, such as “Growth Mindset” and “Positive Reinforcement” can be applied to any sport or even how to coach kids to prepare for music competitions. My daughter has played in various levels of AYSO teams and two California Club teams, with some coaches who were great at coaching girls, and some who did not understand the difference in coaching boys and girls. This book should be required reading for all coaches, as it will help coaches to build player confidence, stronger team chemistry, and ultimately, the girls will choose to stay and develop with this team and in the sport. Bravo to Mia and Alison for this timely coaching guidebook for parents and coaches!

As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.


COLLEGE SOCCER: Alison Foley reaches milestone

Wicked Local: COLLEGE SOCCER: Alison Foley reaches milestone

Thank you to Wicked Local Plymouth for featuring Alison!

Wicked Local: COLLEGE SOCCER: Alison Foley reaches milestone Wicked Local Plymouth

Wicked Local: COLLEGE SOCCER: Alison Foley reaches milestone

Two major milestones in one year – it’s not something many college coaches in any sport can say they’ve accomplished. Plymouth native Alison Foley, the head coach of the Boston College women’s soccer team, joined an elite group when the Eagles beat Maryland, 2-1 in overtime, Sept. 22. She earned her 200th career coaching win. Four weeks later, when the Eagles beat one of the top teams in the nation – Wake Forest – Foley earned her 200th career win at Boston College. Continue reading “COLLEGE SOCCER: Alison Foley reaches milestone”



HOW TO COACH GIRLS by Mia Wenjen & Alison Foley

Did you know that 70% of all kids quit organized sports by the age of 13, with girls quitting at 6x the rate of boys?

Alison Foley, Boston College’s Women’s Head Soccer Coach, and Mia Wenjen, parenting blogger at, help coaches — both parent volunteer and professional — crack the code of how to keep girls in sports. Continue reading “HOW TO COACH GIRLS Book Trailer”

Alison Foley Featured in Keene State The Equinox: Soccer to Co-Author


Equinox: Soccer to Co-Author

Foley said she chose to write the book because, after looking at high school statistics relating to sports, she found it disturbing how many middle school girls were dropping out of teams and choosing not to play sports anymore.

Foley said she believes positivity is key. Foley hopes that each coach who reads the book will be able to find tips that will help create a positive team environment, solve some of the common issues that often develop on women’s teams, and eventually help each coach navigate through the adversities.

Foley’s advice and tips come from long-term experience and struggles that she has faced and overcome in her career.

Foley’s former roommate Janel Gerrior, who now goes by the name of Janel Stevenson, said that she wasn’t surprised to hear that Foley was writing a coaching book.

“She has been an inspiration to all female athletes for as long as I have known her. It is important she share her expertise with the world,” Stevenson said.


Continue reading “Alison Foley Featured in Keene State The Equinox: Soccer to Co-Author”