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Win How To Coach Girls book and swag

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How to Coach Girls is available at Amazon, Barnes & Nobles, and Audrey Press.

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Recent reviews include:

Frank J. Kelly:

Great little book – just nails it in terms of content – no fluff. If you are a coach of Girls you should read this and if you are a male coach of girls read this twice. It teaches quickly what it took me several seasons to learn on my coaching journey – first as parent, then team parent, then assistant coach and now coach of a Girls U12 recreation soccer team.

Key lessons
– Girls will compete after they bond – and so you need to give them opportunities to bond e.g. early in practice or make a water break take a little longer
– Break up any cliques that form
– Keep it fun
– Lots of positive reinforcement but make it genuine
– You have to build trust and safety – they won’t try or take risks if the feeling is that failure means punishment. You need to create “emotional safety”.

Lots of fun ideas e.g.
– Coaches’ forfeit
– Cupcakes for birthdays
– The “How to be a better teammate” game.

This is a quick read but should be handed out to every Girls’ team coach Day 1.

More reviews from Amazon:

I’m pretty sure I’m holding the new bible for coaching girls’ sports. I love this book because it’s as if the authors are inside the heads of the girls, revealing insights as to what will be most supportive for them as athletes and as human beings. I wish I could’ve had an extra copy or two of this resource on hand over the past several years as I watched my daughters grapple with issues on the soccer field. Would’ve saved a lot of heartache on the sidelines. I particularly liked the frameworks for how best to manage team dynamics, increase internal motivation, and tips for getting back on track when things become unsteady. I also loved the chapters on dealing with cliques as well as body image issues, some timely and relevant. Glad I found this book–great practical suggestions.

As a professional music teacher and mother of both a boy and a girl, I highly recommend this book. Many aspects, such as “Growth Mindset” and “Positive Reinforcement” can be applied to any sport or even how to coach kids to prepare for music competitions. My daughter has played in various levels of AYSO teams and two California Club teams, with some coaches who were great at coaching girls, and some who did not understand the difference in coaching boys and girls. This book should be required reading for all coaches, as it will help coaches to build player confidence, stronger team chemistry, and ultimately, the girls will choose to stay and develop with this team and in the sport. Bravo to Mia and Alison for this timely coaching guidebook for parents and coaches!

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