When Girls Keep Quitting a Team

Thank you for your tweets Jared Fritz! His daughter’s high school coach’s coaching style resulted in losing 10 teammates. He tweeted to us:

From my daughter “I feel that the coaches do not really care about making people feel wanted” As a dad, how do I encourage her to still play?

We wondered if the coach was overwhelmed? Perhaps the coach needed an assistant coach or a parent team manager? Also, we wondered if his daughter had friends on the team and that would motivate her to stay on the team.

Has friends on the team. Coach has an assistant. Likely needs help with relating and motivating to HS Girls. Has been explained his philosophy chasing kids away. Mine another in a long line

Unfortunately, the coach simply seems to have a philosophy of weeding out players. We responded that if the coach seems the attrition as an issue and is concerned, then our book might help. If not, our advice would be to go above to his boss to point out the problem.

His most recent tweet makes us so happy!


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