Interview: Marc Gargaro, Nonantum Boxing Club

Marc Gargaro

Boxing Trainer, Co-Owner

Nonantum Boxing Club

Marc is a professional boxing trainer as well as USA Boxing Level 2 and AIBA Star 1 amateur boxing coach. He has extensive coaching experience on the regional and national level and works with boxers of all ages. He has coached hundreds of fighters since co-founding Nonantum Boxing Club, with about a quarter of them women.

 Interview: Marc Gargaro, Nonantum Boxing Club

Coaching Girls versus Boys

I started coaching women several years into my coaching career. Women’s boxing really wasn’t that popular until about ten years ago so I started coaching just one woman at first who had boxed as an amateur for a really long time. Every year, there are more and women coming in to train at the gym, which is a good thing. The sport is definitely evolving for women. Now, my fighters are almost evenly split between men and women.

The girls who come into the sport these days have been with me for some time. There’s been quite a few women over the years who have been successful as well at our gym. I feel that the women who come in usually put in a lot time into it; they are not just coming in the door and disappearing.

There are slight differences training men versus women. When you a good boxing who wants to train, they have the same qualities: they are driven, they are athletic, strong minded, they have toughness to them. The women are usually more independent. Guys that need that push more. Girls They can set up their own training sessions and you need to push them to do that. The women get frustrated more easily. It’s not necessarily bad or good. They push themselves a little too hard so sometimes you need to rein them in a little. That’s the main differences that I see.

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