Coaching Challenges

These are some of the coaching challenges we will be addressing. What are we missing?

coaching challenges

How To Coach Girls

Coaching Challenges

– Keeping It Fun
– My kid won’t participate
– Handling a Losing Streak
– How to make each player feel valued
– How to make team feel successful even when they lose every game
– Players have vastly different skill levels
– Perceived Favoritism
– Politics of Who Starts
– perception of unfair playing time
– Perceived as Disliked by Coach because most promising player gets more feedback, usually on how to improve
– Unhealthy competition within team
– When players or a player lays blame
-Selfish play/ball hogging by individual or small group
– Cliques off the Field: carpools, different towns, new kid on established team,
– Cliques on the Field
– Integrating new players
– Bullying: Player is Perceived as “not good”
– Bullying: Player Not Included on the field
– Parental coaching from sidelines
– Parents putting too much pressure on their child
– Parental criticism of referees during game
– Developing Leadership in Players
– Building Player’s Confidence
– Body Image
– Eating Disorders

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  1. Competing with internal pressures girls put on themselves

    The higher drop out of individual sports as opposed to team (girls dislike of directly contending against their friends 1v 1)

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